5 Tips for Engagement Photo Sessions

5 Tips for Engagement Photo Sessions

I like to offer an engagement session to all my clients. I think pre-wedding engagement sessions are so important. Engagement sessions are full of fun to shoot and you get to know your photographer and his style before the actual wedding day. I am using some photos of a recent pre-wedding photo shoot and give you some tips to make your engagement shoot perfect!

1. Just be yourself

Just ignore the photographer and be yourself. Have fun. I use a long lens for engagement shoots and shoot from about 100m away from the couple. In this way I can capture some adorable shots of the couple as there is no interference.

2. Show your emotions

You do not need to smile at the camera always. I like photos when the couple show their emotions and look away from the camera. Relax and let your expressions come naturally.


3. Be happy

My least favourite thing is when I have to count to three and say cheese to smile. Just forget everything and enjoy the moment. Crack some jokes, tease each other, run, jump and don’t forget to kiss.


4. Trust your photographer

Be comfortable with your photographer and his style of photography. Choosing the right photographer who can make you feel relaxed is important. I like laid back casual approach to my photography.


5. Don’t think too much

I do not like to pose couples. Don’t practice posing at home in front of a mirror. If you think too much it will show on your photos. All you need to do is switch off your brain and relax and enjoy the moments.