Choosing Your Wedding Photographer | Questions to ask


Here are some great questions to ask your photographer before booking.

You are planning your biggest event in life and the task you have in front of you is no easy one.

Selecting an artist and wedding photography packages to tell your story is probably one of the most important decisions you will have to make in the upcoming months and one that will be with you for the rest of your life! Perhaps you haven’t hired a professional photographer before. So where do you start?

Will you be the photographer on the day to shoot our wedding?

It is not uncommon for large studios to have a team of photographers. Your actual photographer on the wedding day may be a different photographer than the person you are talking to. It is very important to ask who will be your actual photographer and see their personal portfolio.

Do we get digital files of our photographs?

Many photographers offer digital files as part of the wedding photography package. It is important to ask your photographer whether the digital files are high resolution, edited and ready for print.

What is the style of your photography?

The style of photography varies from photographer to photographer. It is important to view your photographers portfolio to see if you like the style. Many photographers choose to follow more candid style of photography capturing moments as the day enfolds. Ask them if they can elaborate more on their style.

Is a pre-wedding engagement shoot available?

It is very important to be comfortable with your photographer before the wedding day. Your photographer will be following you around on your wedding day and getting to know your photographer before the wedding will make you feel relaxed and natural. It is also a great opportunity to become comfortable in front of the camera and learn some posing tips. It’s a good to have engagement photos taken in a location that has special meaning to you, which may not be possible on the day of the wedding.

Do you carry insurance?

As a business owner, a wedding photographer should have Public Liability Insurance, so make sure you ask. Some venues require your photographer to have public liability insurance cover up to 20 million dollars.

Do you have backup gear?

Anything can happen, so wedding photographers should have backup gear-make sure to ask your photographer about this!