Cross-marketing oppretunities with us

What is Cross Marketing?

Cross-marketing is not giving out something for free to your customers  such as free coupons or discount vouchers. Cross-marketing is a coordinated set of activities between two businesses with similar customer demographics. For example, take my wedding photography business. I share the same customer demography with wedding venues, wedding cake makers, make-up artists, hair dressers, florists and other wedding suppliers. We all can cross-promote our business between us by reaching to newly engaged couples. Research shows that Cross-marketing is very effective.

How do we do Cross-marketing?

I have some innovative ideas for cross-promoting our businesses. I call this sharing a ‘Digital Business Card’

Please see a sample Digital Business Card that I made for my business here. Digital Business Card Sample

You can share this digital business card to your clients showcasing your business and encouraging them to share it with their friends easily promoting your business. You can share this by e-mail, text and via social media such as Facebook.


What I can offer..

  • I can offer a free photo shoot of your products
  • I can make a customised mobile app with your business logo for your business using the photos I take
  • I can make a 2 min youtube video promoting your business

Combining all this, I can make a customised Digital Business Card for your business.

How much will this cost?

I am offering this cross-marketing promotion activity absolutely free.

What is the catch?

You must use the photos and video that I take. I would like you to give me photo credit on the app that I make so that your clients knows that the photos were taken by me. This will give me the opportunity to promote my photography business to your customers while you promote your business. Likewise, I will promote your business on my digital business card app for my business.

Sounds like a good idea?

If you are a local wedding suppler based in Sydney and you are happy to participate in a cross-marketing activity, please fill in the contact form on this page to contact me.

Limited opportunities are available. Contact me today!

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