What to Wear for Pre-wedding Engagement Photo Sessions

wardrobe 101:

wear whatever you feel comfortabe in, some clients dress up in their “sunday best”, while others gravitate toward bold patterns & more casual style. my goal is to capture you in your element, so feel free to get creative with your wardrobe! (limit 1-2 outfits per session.)

what to bring

if you want to bring a favorite book, heirloom, or other meaningful prop, this is a great way to make your session totaly unique!


all sessions are schedulled two hours before sunset in order to capture the day’s most beautiful, natural lighting

style tips:

while it is great to compliment your future spouse in photos, by no means do the two of you need to wear matching outfits.
if your other half is more comfortable in solid colours, try choosing someting with little texture. patterns are great way to add contrast to your images. be creative, and let your unique personality shine through!